Area 80 / 60 m2

2 + 2 persons

A comfortable holiday home near (100 m) the high Riuttavaara and a farm.

Ettone has 1 bedroom as well as a loft (with 2 beds). The main room has a kitchen area and a heat-storing fireplace. The sauna has an "instant" stove. There is a spacious veranda in front of the cottage.

A wonderful view of the lake

Through the wide windows of the bedroom and main room, you can see a breathtaking view of the sky and the lake red with the afterglow of the sunset. This holiday home has been built using old carpentry skills and pinewood. It is a relaxing sight for the eyes as well as the soul.

Arrangements for pets must be made separately.

Prices vary according to season 80-110 €/day, 400-640 €/week, 180-420 €/weekend

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